What is a Townaide Administrator?

Townaide relies on listers to add accurate and reliable listings to the platform. All listings first need to be reviewed before they go live on the platform and this is where Townaide administrators are vital.

The Townaide administrators review each listing before it is published onto the Townaide platform. They get given a region to administer, typically where they reside and which is of sufficient size so that there are enough listings for the administrator to review. Administrators can still add their own listings but only get the administrator share when the listing is converted from a free basic listing to a paid premium listing.

The web dashboard has been built around the administrator roles and has been designed for the administrators to approve or decline pending listings. It also gives the administrators useful insight into the region that they are administrating.

Why Become a Townaide Admin?

By becoming a Townaide administrator you will be making an extra income. When a listing is added by a lister and gets converted from a basic to a premium listing, the lister and administrator will both earn their share of the fee.

Requirements To Become a Townaide Admin?

There are not a lot of requirements to become a Townaide administrator. We have set the requirements up in such a way that we will be able to determine if the user applying to be an administrator is dedicated enough and understands how the Townaide platform functions. Once you have added 10 or more approved listings, the option to apply to become an administrator will become available on the dashboard. These basic requirements are essential:

  • Be presentable and courteous in all dealings with the public and others.
  • Be conscientious and diligent in matters relating to Townaide.
  • Be active socially online as well as out and about.
  • Support Townaide positively and constructively online and offline.
  • Insist on quality (Punctuation/Spelling/Grammar/Formatting) and accuracy (Street Addresses/Marker Locations) with regards to the information in their allocated area and others.

How To Become a Townaide Admin?

It is very simple to become a Townaide administrator. Once you have registered with Townaide, you need to login into the Townaide website and if you have added 10 or more approved listings there will be an option to apply in the overview menu labelled ‘Townaide Administrator’. Click on the ‘Townaide Administrator’ then complete and submit the required details. You will receive an email stating that we have successfully received your application and will be in contact with you within the next few days.

As a Townaide administrator, you will operate as a contractor to Townaide and not as an employee of Townaide Limited.